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Space can help improve student attention, engagement and learning outcomes

Over the past 5 years, Office Inspirations has partnered with international partners and has become one of the key leaders in providing the latest education solutions in the United Arab Emirates.

We work with leading educational institutions to create high performance, active learning spaces that enhance student engagement and success.

Learning has evolved.  Has your classroom? Research shows that space can help improve student attention, engagement and learning outcomes.

To maximize student success, classrooms must support the generative activities and peer-to-peer learning occurring in tody's blended learning environments.


We create learning places that enable problem-solving, communication and collaboration - the skills demanded of today's students.

Interested in learning more?

For years, Steelcase has studied education with a unique, human-centered design research process. Click below to discover Steelcase case studies, active learning guides, and latest publications.

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