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'Naava' Now Available with Office Inspirations !

Welcoming 'Naava' into our Brand Portfolio

Story of Naava

Nature is Everything.

Wherever nature surrounds us, we have fresh air. We feel happier, healthier and more energized.

“We want to reconnect humanity with nature.”

We will bring nature and its air indoors so we could enjoy its benefits where we most spend our time.

Not a Normal Green Wall.

Bringing real nature indoors has never been this easy.

Naava is easy to install and move as the function of the space lives, thanks to its furniturelike design. Artificial intelligence, remote control and Naava Service guarantee that the plants will always look healthy and green - all you have to do is breathe.

-Automation: Naava's technology takes care of lighting and watering.

-Naava Service installs, moves and maintains regularly and as needed .

-100% guarantee: Service contract covers all spare plants and consumables.


-Reduces sick leaves

-Increases productivity

-Boosts energy

-Improves cognitive skills

-Enhances employee and customer experience


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