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Case Study: Moët Hennessy

Moët Hennessy, the wine and spirits division of the LVMH group, has opened headquarters in the Middle East with a new space in Dubai aimed at offering the very best experience for their employees and customers.

Office Inspirations were commissioned to complete the Moet Hennessey furniture selection and space design. Using predominantly Steelcase and their partners the space transformed into zoned areas to allow working, private offices, boardrooms and relaxing breakout areas. Resulting in a high end, productive workspace that employees enjoy being and working within.

Included in the space the following pieces were used:


The Steelcase own brand selection was a large proportion of the project including the Please task chair which mimics the movement of your spine as you change postures throughout the day. Teamed with the B-Free desk which offers the right balance between functionality and beauty and for storage the Volum Art storage pedestal with its clean design, and great storage options. The foundations of the space were set.


Created in collaboration between the Coalesse Design Group and Jean-Marie Massaud, the Massaud conference chair adds a little luxury to the workplace while still delivering high functionality.


To provide a meeting space that allowed enough space to accommodate the whole team Office Inspirations selected the Lano Conference meeting table which is part of the programme of larger tables, designed to meet the increasing need for practical tabling from Orangebox. To team with the meeting table the Allowme meeting chair provides progressive resistance during the natural recline movement of the user, regardless of their shape or size and is perfect for everyday use. The Breaker round table was used within the space Breaker’s simplicity and adaptability means that it can be used almost universally.


To transform the workspace, Office Inspirations selected Viccarbe’s designer furniture including Jaime Hayon’s Aleta chairs and Patricia Urquiola’s Last Minute stools. Two collections that create a relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere where teams can make connections and enjoy their free time in the office.


The Olite chair is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality.

Design and fit out by Spacewell

Office Inspirations Sales Manager and Project Lead: Michelle Plant

Office Inspirations Designer: Mike Cerenado


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