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Designtex Surface Imaging department has now open opened its door to the Middle East.

It is manufactured by our Surface Imaging division, operating out of the state-of-art factory in Portland Maine, USA.

As authorised dealer for Designtex in the Middle East, Office Inspirations offers two kinds of surface imaging:


You can print on any surface (mirrors, glass, sheers, wood, ceramic steel, fabric pane, leather ets), use any image you want from or you can choose from our range of existing artwork we have available from our artists at:

To access our Bespoke Image Portfolio collection of proprietary Designtex images that can be licensed for individual projects;

> Go to <>

> Click “Create New Account” and use “Designtex” for the registration code

> Click “Categories – Designtex” and search by criteria on the left side tool bar

Made to Measure Wallcovering

Choose from a preset set of designs. Made to Measure allows you to design a bespoke wallcovering by choosing from several artwork created by renowned artists such as Jeffrey Fisher, Philip Low, Ward Schumaker, Greg Mably, Charley Harper, Stella Maria Baer, Rachel Domm and Brian Rea.

See here the unique, beautiful and engaging made to measure wallcovering feature:

> Click on “product” – choose your favorite artwork

> Click “configure” – adjust the artwork size (panel height), color (background), pattern scale, reposition panels by dragging (up to 8 panels) until you have the effect you need.

> Export image to your 3D presentation or board or save it.

It's that simple and fun!

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